Bamboo Tree – Inspiration

Bamboo Tree – Inspiration

Today we turn our focus to Bamboo!

Natural Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. If you’ll believe it, some species have been known to grow up to 90cm in a 24 hour period – that’s 4cm an hour! There are also numerous folktales from around the world in which either a baby or a beautiful woman emerges from a bamboo stem. Needless to say, this plant is rather special; however, when you purchase artificial bamboo from us you won’t need to worry about it growing through the roof!

bamboo tree indoor

We offer a wide choice of Bamboo Tree products, and bamboo is consistently one of our most popular selling plants. This is because it is elegant, exotic and sleek. We’ll go over some design ideas to give you inspiration of how to use bamboo in your home or office.

Bamboo works well both indoors and outdoors on terraces and patios. The thing we like best about bamboo is that it can be used not only decoratively, but also architecturally. If you have a large space – for example a swimming pool terrace or an open plan office space – then you can use bamboos in large rectangular pots to section off smaller and more intimate areas. This can create a sense of order and privacy in an otherwise open space without reducing light conditions. It also creates an exotic impression and the feel of a mini-jungle

bamboo tree office

Simple decorations of bamboo are perfect for interiors decorated in a minimalist style. The bamboo poles can act as a frugal and elegant arrangement in a modern vase. Alternatively the bamboo can stand close to the wall to add some texture and colour. By combining the plants with the appropriate textiles and accessories, you can create an extraordinary atmosphere!

bamboo tree wall

Our artificial bamboos are perfect for anyone who likes to surround themselves with greenery. Perhaps you have areas in your home or office which are too dark for live plants – our bamboo is the best substitute you can find!

If you’d like assistance or advice about designing your space with artificial plants or faux tall trees, please contact us.

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