Artificial Plants for Restaurants

Do you need artificial plants, flower arrangements or trees for your restaurant?

Green and flowering plants, on the outside and inside of your restaurant will be the perfect decorations. They will add vibrancy and vitality to your venue.

A restaurant’s interior design creates the ambience and mood which the customers will experience. It also reflects the nature and level of the restaurant. Beautifully designed space, with the addition of flower arrangements and plants well-chosen for your setting will add a touch of nature and colour, and will set a mood of relaxation and harmony in your restaurant.

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The Entrance of the Restaurant

First impressions are crucial. The entrance to your restaurant should exude luxury and, above all, be welcoming to guests. See below for an example of how we might implement plants and greenery in the entrance of a restaurant.

Rubber Tree


The great looking potted plant. It has a magnificent large leaves that are densely distributed. Put the plant on a pedestal. It is suitable at the hotel reception, office or restaurant.

In nature:

Natural Rubber Plants are cultivated on a large scale plantations for obtaining the juice milk (latex), which is processed into natural rubber.


For centuries, Brazilians guarded its monopoly in the cultivation of this tree, but the seeds have been acquired by British. Currently, rubber tree plantations are located in the tropical belt between: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Riviera Beach Grass


Do you want to create a holiday atmosphere? Nothing could be more simple! This grass will really help you work out. A beautiful workmanship and attention to details are the advantages of this product. White fluff (like dandelions) only to ask you to stand next to and try to blow them.

Riviera Beach Grass can be placed both: indoors and outdoors.

Shipping in a plastic pot.

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You want your restaurant to have a unique and original style, so that guests feel they are in a relaxing and luxurious setting. The central theme of the restaurant interior should build the atmosphere and provide insight to the guest. A precise and meticulously arranged interior design can create a spatial work of art.

A good mood  and a sense of feeling at home will make your clients feel relaxed and happy. Our artificial plants can hugely improve the design and vitality of the interior of your restaurant. Our plants require the minimum care and look beautiful all year round!

Arrangements and Additions to the Tables

Which arrangements you choose as table decorations will depend on the theme of your restaurant. For example: In a Mexican restaurant we would recommend small and large cacti, succulents, agave and yucca plants. In Italian restaurants,  we would recommend olive trees and topiary boxwood. The Scandinavian style would suit decorative grasses, succulents and bonsai trees.

Themed Restaurants

Themed restaurants are increasingly popular. Whatever theme or style you choose for your restaurant, we can help you pick the perfect plants and flowers to compliment it. 

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Secret Garden – Peony Garland


Peony Garland. Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy.

The compositions form a coherent whole, which, depending on the time of day and circumstances, takes on another dimension.

Lightness and subtle nature are words that can describe the collection in three colours: cream, pale pink and dark pink.


Orange and Pink Peony and Rose in Glass


Orange and Pink Peony and Rose in Glass. The elegant, pastel and subtle composition with peony and rose. At shades of pink, orange, cream and green. Perfect on the table. Fits also placed next to the mirror on the dresser. Designed for those who love the beauty and softness of flowers. Situated in a glass cup creates an unusual flower arrangement.

Hotel Restaurants

Original, themed decorations in hotel restaurants are just as important as the friendly service and tasty food. Beautifully decorated tables; stylish furniture; plants hanging from the ceiling, or compositions on tables, chandeliers; all this makes guests feel at home in the premises. This leads them to spend more time there, and be more likely to come back in the future.

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Conifer Bonsai


Conifer Bonsai are wonderful decorative plants. They are impressive-looking especially in hotel lobbies, and restaurants. Beautifully blending the indoors of the Asian-style offices, as well as in modern.

Aloe in Galvanized Pot


An each room has a coffee table, dresser or other piece of beautiful furniture in a corner of the room – these are the places for this beautiful specimen – Aloe in Galvanized Pot. I set the plant on the fridge, which is silver in color. It fits perfectly!

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