Artificial Plants for Hotels

 Artificial Flower Arrangements & Plants for Hotel

Do you need artificial plants, pots, pedestals, flower arrangements or trees for your holiday resort, hotel or guesthouse?

With the innovative use of our high quality artificial plants we craft unique interiors, and can transform your space to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed at all times during their stay, artificial plants will provide a much-needed touch of nature, and their vibrant green colour is known for its calming qualities. Whatever your design specification and style, we can provide products that are such high quality your guests won’t even think to question whether or not they are real!

Hotel Lobby – What species of artificial plant is right for your lobby?

First impressions count! From the moment guests cross the threshold into a hotel, they should feel that they are in a place created especially for their comfort, where they can relax and be surrounded by luxury.

The lobby is one of the most important spaces in a hotel; it should be welcoming, stylish and attractive. A high standard of furnishings and original interior design are

vital to make that all-important first impression on guests. The installation of our artificial plants in your lobby will help to create a sophisticated aesthetic which is brimming with life and colour.

Below you will see our recommendations for hotel lobbies, consisting mainly of artificial trees and grass:

  • PANDORA Gold Pedestal 01

    PANDORA Gold Pedestal

  • artificial conifer bonsai in pot artificial plant bonsai tree 02

    Conifer Bonsai

  • Dracaena Compacta 120 cm

    Dracaena Compacta 120cm

  • trend design artificial grass in pot hotel SPA

    Potted Cane Grass Arrangement

interior hotel old fashion design

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Hotel Rooms and Suites – which plants can bring out their beauty?

chalet cyclamen handmade pot in hotel room
  • artificial Reed Grass plant in pot high quality

    Reed Grass

    £35.00 Sale!
  • Lily flowers

    Lily Arrangement

  • white orchid wanda artificial flower arrangement

    Wanda Orchid

  • Bonsai in Japanese Pot

    Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot


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The Hotel Restaurant – which flowers and artificial plants should be placed there?

  • artificial calathea orbifolia

    Calathea Orbifolia

  • Full Green Foxtail Artificial Grass

    Full Green Foxtail Grass

  • philodendron selloum

    Philodendron Selloum 75 cm

  • strelitzia min


hotel restaurant artificial plants

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Are you looking for a contractor for the already designed space in the hotel?

On top our products, we also provide bespoke design services. if you need help creating the ambience of your space, you’ve come to the right place!

Do you want to create an elegant interior with traditional style, or an imaginative leapto the tropics? Whatever your style we can help!

Regardless of whether you have a set design or you are looking for inspiration, our team can help fulfil your vision. We guarantee high quality products and materials and always pay the utmost attention to every detail.

No matter that space you need designing we can help: hotel lobby, reception area, bedrooms and suites, hotel restaurant, spa, gym, conference room, entrance hall, swimming pool.

If you are interested in complementary services – contact us, we can offer exceptional options and competitive prices.


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