Artificial Plants for Hotels

 Artificial Flower Arrangements & Plants for Hotel

Do you need artificial plants, flower arrangements or trees for your holiday resort, hotel or guesthouse?

With the innovative use of our high quality artificial plants we craft unique interiors, and can transform your space to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed at all times during their stay, artificial plants will provide a much-needed touch of nature, and their vibrant green colour is known for its calming qualities. Whatever your design specification and style, we can provide products that are such high quality your guests won’t even think to question whether or not they are real!

Hotel Lobby – What species of artificial plant is right for your lobby?

First impressions count! From the moment guests cross the threshold into a hotel, they should feel that they are in a place created especially for their comfort, where they can relax and be surrounded by luxury.

The lobby is one of the most important spaces in a hotel; it should be welcoming, stylish and attractive. A high standard of furnishings and original interior design are

vital to make that all-important first impression on guests. The installation of our artificial plants in your lobby will help to create a sophisticated aesthetic which is brimming with life and colour.

Below you will see our recommendations for hotel lobbies, consisting mainly of artificial trees and grass:

Grass Arrangement in Cigar Fiber Pot


For years ornamental grasses were considered secondary plants, but nowadays they have become increasingly popular, and are being used as a major element of composition. Elastic, decorative, and fitting for every season, they are perfect both for interiors and terraces; they fit everywhere. Their delicate grass leaves add lightness to the compositions.

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Conifer Bonsai


Conifer Bonsai are wonderful decorative plants. They are impressive-looking especially in hotel lobbies, and restaurants. Beautifully blending the indoors of the Asian-style offices, as well as in modern.

Bamboo Tree in Pot


Bamboo Tree in Pot – a beautiful tree with the bamboo stalks. It makes a dense tree, over the almost entire length covered with leaves. Often used in creating interior offices, hotels and restaurants. Very popular in interior apartments as well.

The pots you see on the pictures are technical.

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Potted Cane Grass Arrangement


Potted Cane Grass Arrangement is the one from our most beautiful and best selling grasses. Different sized grass, moss on the stones in the beautiful pot. Made of high quality materials. The attention to detail makes it an interesting and original decorative element at the same time looks very realistic.

The pots you see on the pictures are not included to the price. If you want to buy with pot, please find it on our shop or contact us.

When you buy this product, you will receive the grass and technical pot (which is not presented on the pictures in this offer).

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plants in hotel lobby

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Hotel Rooms and Suites – which plants can bring out their beauty?

Although guests’ first impressions are formed on entering the hotel, their final opinions are largely determined by the standard and comfort provided in the bedrooms.

A high standard of décor in the apartment will make your guests feel relaxed. The arrangement of plants in the room, inspired by the latest trends in floral and interior design, can create unique environments which put the comfort of the guests at the forefront.

The rooms and suites vary in size. As for the small rooms, we recommend small arrangements and plants that can be placed on a table or in a corner . In rooms and suites with larger surface, we are able to afford much more fantasy. It all depends on the style the hotel rooms are or will be furnished.

Here are the selection of arrangement and the highest quality plants:

chalet cyclamen handmade pot in hotel room

Wanda Orchid


Artificial orchid, is preferably by selling artificial plant. Is the pride of a large family of orchids! We present a classical arrangement of orchids. However, there is something that distinguishes it – the ground in which it was embedded. Unprecedented form of “pot”, which is a ball of moss and wrapped roots. It allows you to run your imagination – how to expose. You can hang Wanda Orchid, put on a pedestal or in a glass bowl.

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Tillandsia Arrangement on the Trunk


This is one of my favorite artificial plants – Tillandsia Arrangement, is just beautiful! You can put it in the winter garden or lobby. You can use it as a decoration in the restaurant. Thanks to its size and beautiful workmanship, give the interior a unique character. It can also be a component of a larger arrangement.

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Reed Grass

£40.00 £35.00

Reed Grass. Beautiful plant with broad leaves. A very natural coloration, wonderful showing. From the ground, you will notice an imitation of dry husk of which overlook shoots of grass. The ends interspersed by the sun and disheveled by the wind, perfectly reflect its character. Ideal for both: indoors and outdoors as well. The product worthy of special attention.

 Supplied in white plastic pot.

Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot


Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot – one of our most beautiful Bonsai. It fits perfectly in a modern interior offices, Asian restaurants or hotels. The tree is made of high quality materials. The plant is set in a traditional Bonsai pot. Its weight is adequate to prevent accidental tipping. See photos showing close-ups. Must have for Bonsai fans.

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The Hotel Restaurantwhich flowers and artificial plants should be placed there?

The hotel restaurant should blend with the overall style of the hotel, while also creating a vibrant atmosphere where guests can enjoy their food and converse over their meal. There must be a strong characteristic element and for this we recommend wall arrangements of artificial plants,

beautiful flower arrangements on the tables, and a selection of artificial plants or grasses.

See our grasses, plants and arrangements below:

Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass

£499.00 £409.00

One of the most popular products in our collection. The beautiful plant is enclosed in a decorative glass jar. Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass should be in a central location in the room or in a specially prepared place. You can also place it on a decorative column.

Full Green Foxtail Grass


Full Green Foxtail Grass. This interesting item among the grasses certainly deserve your attention. Grass is characterized by dense and cascading gradation of different sized leaves. The grass is finished with three magnificent plumes. Looking more closely, you will find a precise attention to detail. Just as in natural conditions, the grass has a different coloration of leaves – from slightly dried by the sun, to the green of rush grass.

A very nice idea is to combine in flower arrangement a various heights of grass – amazing visual effect guaranteed.

The product is supplied in a plastic pot.

The product is available in various sizes.

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Artificial Ivy Plant


Artificial Ivy Plant. A very natural-looking species of ivy. This time in standing, supported by the stand. Due to its different leaf sizes and, many people will want to water them :).

In our offer there are three variations of this product:

1. Philodendoron; 2. Climber with heart-leaves and 3. Efeu in two variations: (a) green and (b) white and green.

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Cactus Death Valley

£122.00 £93.61

Cactus Death Valley – amazing plant, deceptively resembling a real. Colors, choice of materials and attention to detail, are unquestionably the product. If you want to create an exotic atmosphere in your interior, this cactus is the perfect choice. Beautifully presented both: in a high, soaring pot and classic oval.

It is delivered in gray plastic pot. The base lined with fine stone.

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hotel restaurant artificial plants

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