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Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass

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One of the most popular products in our collection. The beautiful plant is enclosed in a decorative glass jar. Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass should be in a central location in the room or in a specially prepared place. You can also place it on a decorative column.

Riviera Beach Grass


Do you want to create a holiday atmosphere? Nothing could be more simple! This grass will really help you work out. A beautiful workmanship and attention to details are the advantages of this product. White fluff (like dandelions) only to ask you to stand next to and try to blow them.

Riviera Beach Grass can be placed both: indoors and outdoors.

Shipping in a plastic pot.

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Christmas Tree on the Trunk

Small glass balls, small ornaments, it is enough to decorate the tree. Christmas Tree Trunk is dedicated to people, who want to create a tort and modern festive mood. 

It is a very popular product and because of this, please contact us to check and confirm availability. If the product is not in stock, we will propose another. Call us 0208 0770891 or use form to drop a line.

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