Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Outdoor flowers and plants never need to be watered, but look like the real thing. Bring charm and joy to gardens and patios with the help of outdoor flowers. Maintenance free and durable.

  • Wooden Planter Box MODULO 03

    Wooden Planter Box MODULO

  • smaragd zamioartificial plant zamioculcas

    Smaragd Zamio Plant Zamioculcas

  • Shrub

    Magnolia Shrub

  • artificial fern grass in pot

    Fern Grass

  • Sansevieria Yellow Green architectural plant

    Sansevieria Yellow Green

  • Silk Peony Wreath

    Secret Garden – Silk Peony Wreath

  • spring arrangement decorative

    Decorative Spring Wreath

    £99.00 Sale!
  • artificial Riviera Beach Grass plant

    Riviera Beach Grass

    £52.00£88.69 Sale!
  • grass arrangement Artificial Grass

    Narrow Artificial Grass

    £15.70 Sale!
  • greenery assortment pot philo pothos ivy

    Artificial Ivy Plant

  • artificial Reed Grass plant in pot high quality

    Reed Grass

    £35.00 Sale!
  • artificial death valley cactus

    Cactus Death Valley

    £93.61 Sale!
  • Zebra Grass high quality

    Zebra Grass

    £28.00£97.56 Sale!
  • Bonsai in Japanese Pot

    Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot

  • geranium artificial plant

    Geranium in Box