Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Outdoor flowers and plants never need to be watered, but look like the real thing. Bring charm and joy to gardens and patios with the help of outdoor flowers. Maintenance free and durable.

Magnolia Shrub


It’s amazing magnolia tree with extremely effectively shrubs. The magnolia cup-shaped flowers are generally creamy white in color. Star magnolia flowers are wide open and almost flat.

Fern Grass


An unique and decorative Fern Grass that has been woven into imitating the fern shoots. Made of high quality materials. The attention to detail makes it an interesting and original decorative element at the same time looks very realistic. Is very popular among the available grass. 

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Sansevieria Yellow Green


An elegant, classical plant enjoying great popularity. The plants have thick, straight, flat or cylindrical leaves. And the leaves look like the sword. It looks nice alone, planted in the high pot. You can meet her in the lobby, office or on the terrace of the restaurant.

Secret Garden – Silk Peony Wreath


Silk Peony Wreath. Sweet, pastel colours, and natural additions are what brings us to the interior filled with joy and warmth.

It is a place shrouded in a touch of mystery filled with peony buds and flowers.

The compositions form a coherent whole, which, depending on the time of day and circumstances, takes on another dimension.

Lightness and subtle nature are words that can describe the collection in three colours: cream, pale pink and dark pink.

Decorative Spring Wreath

£140.00 £99.00

Decorative Spring Wreath. Beautiful spring arrangement. One of a kind. Selected flowers and non-random selection of colors create extraordinary effect. You can hang it on the front door, a wall or used as a table decoration.

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Riviera Beach Grass


Do you want to create a holiday atmosphere? Nothing could be more simple! This grass will really help you work out. A beautiful workmanship and attention to details are the advantages of this product. White fluff (like dandelions) only to ask you to stand next to and try to blow them.

Riviera Beach Grass can be placed both: indoors and outdoors.

Shipping in a plastic pot.

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Narrow Artificial Grass

£19.00 £15.70

Narrow Artificial Grass. Do not you have too much space? Do you miss the green element of decoration? This grass is for you. Plant resembles a sheaf, bound in two places by a natural jute rope. It creates a great visual effect.

It does not need the pot.

Take advantage of our promotions when purchasing 3 grass – discount.

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Artificial Ivy Plant


Artificial Ivy Plant. A very natural-looking species of ivy. This time in standing, supported by the stand. Due to its different leaf sizes and, many people will want to water them :).

In our offer there are three variations of this product:

1. Philodendoron; 2. Climber with heart-leaves and 3. Efeu in two variations: (a) green and (b) white and green.

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Reed Grass

£40.00 £35.00

Reed Grass. Beautiful plant with broad leaves. A very natural coloration, wonderful showing. From the ground, you will notice an imitation of dry husk of which overlook shoots of grass. The ends interspersed by the sun and disheveled by the wind, perfectly reflect its character. Ideal for both: indoors and outdoors as well. The product worthy of special attention.

 Supplied in white plastic pot.

Cactus Death Valley

£122.00 £93.61

Cactus Death Valley – amazing plant, deceptively resembling a real. Colors, choice of materials and attention to detail, are unquestionably the product. If you want to create an exotic atmosphere in your interior, this cactus is the perfect choice. Beautifully presented both: in a high, soaring pot and classic oval.

It is delivered in gray plastic pot. The base lined with fine stone.

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Zebra Grass


Zebra Grass. Dense and turned Zebra Grass is supported by bamboo, it is one of the more interesting items in our shop. It is a combination of different heights of grass. A striking and unusual will be a perfect decoration of your interior. Looks well alone and in the plant arrangement of grasses with different heights.

Available in a plastic pot.

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Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot


Conifer Bonsai in Japanese Pot – one of our most beautiful Bonsai. It fits perfectly in a modern interior offices, Asian restaurants or hotels. The tree is made of high quality materials. The plant is set in a traditional Bonsai pot. Its weight is adequate to prevent accidental tipping. See photos showing close-ups. Must have for Bonsai fans.