Home Decor

A wide range of Home Decor available to buy at Floresy, the UK’s highest-quality Artificial Plant store. Use a product category filter on the left sidebar to find a suitable product.

  • bonsai in white bowl pot 38 cm

    Artificial Bonsai in the Bowl 38 cm

  • hanging basket pots 01

    Wall-mounted modular plant arrangement in geometric planter

  • Classic Long Trunk Olive Tree

    Classic Long Trunk Olive Tree

  • dracena tree-anita

    Anita Dracaena Tree

  • artificial papyrus grass

    Papyrus Grass 110 cm

  • hight quality bonsai plumosum

    Bonsai Plumosum 41 cm

  • artificial plants ficus panda bonsai tree

    Ficus Panda Bonsai Tree 48 cm

  • ficus bonsai hight quality

    Ficus Bonsai

  • smaragd zamioartificial plant zamioculcas

    Smaragd Zamio Plant Zamioculcas

  • artificial succulents in dark grey pots

    Mixed Succulents in Dark Grey Pot (Set of Four)

  • zebra grass

    Zebra Grass 60 cm

  • levitating floating plant diamond real wood pot

    Levitating Floating Plant Diamond Real Wood Pot

  • air bonsai main picture with fern

    Levitating Floating Plant Round Wood Pot

  • tall artificial plants bamboo tree

    Bamboo Tree #1

  • Artificial Croton Tree

    Croton Artificial Tree