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  • artificial phildendron in pot

    Philodendron in Pot

  • window box small 100cm

    Bespoke Low-Level Trough/Box with Mixed Faux Plants

  • Bespoke hedge in wooden container

    Bespoke Hedge with Mixed Artificial Plants

  • White Orchid in a White Pot

    White Orchid with Fern and Moss in a White Pot

  • banana vase two sizes

    Natura Banana Vases

  • smaragd zamioartificial plant zamioculcas

    Smaragd Zamio Plant Zamioculcas

  • sweet flag calamus grass

    Sweet Flag – Calamus – Grass

  • artificial grass arrangement in cigar pot rectangle

    Grass Arrangement in Cigar Fiber Pot

  • Low fibre square pot in dramatic black

    Low Fibre Square Pot

  • Tall fibre square pot white

    Tall Fibre Square Pot

  • Glass Fibre Cigar shape planter in black

    Glass Fibre Cigar Shape Planter

  • Artificial rubber tree plant with big leaves by Floresy.

    Rubber Tree Plant

  • Grape Hyacinth Bag

    Let’s Get Blooming – Grape Hyacinth Bag

  • Silk Peony Wreath

    Secret Garden – Silk Peony Wreath

  • pink cyclamen

    Rustic Chalet – Cyclamen Handmade Casing