Artificial Flowers

A wide range of Artificial Flowers available to buy at Floresy, the UK’s highest-quality Artificial Flower store.  Use a product category filter on the left sidebar to find a suitable product.

Magnolia Shrub


It’s amazing magnolia tree with extremely effectively shrubs. The magnolia cup-shaped flowers are generally creamy white in color. Star magnolia flowers are wide open and almost flat.

Sansevieria Yellow Green


An elegant, classical plant enjoying great popularity. The plants have thick, straight, flat or cylindrical leaves. And the leaves look like the sword. It looks nice alone, planted in the high pot. You can meet her in the lobby, office or on the terrace of the restaurant.

Let’s Get Blooming – Grape Hyacinth Bag


Grape Hyacinth Bag. Grape hyacinths, one of the most popular spring flowers that everyone awaits with anticipation.

These charming, cobalt-blue flowers, set in various shades of green, adorned with shells of blown eggs and moss are an ideal arrangement which are perfectly present at our table.

Secret Garden – Silk Peony Wreath


Silk Peony Wreath. Sweet, pastel colours, and natural additions are what brings us to the interior filled with joy and warmth.

It is a place shrouded in a touch of mystery filled with peony buds and flowers.

The compositions form a coherent whole, which, depending on the time of day and circumstances, takes on another dimension.

Lightness and subtle nature are words that can describe the collection in three colours: cream, pale pink and dark pink.

Rustyc Chalet – Cyclamen Handmade Casing


What comes to mind is a warm Alpine-style chalet where we will find many references to nature.

Exceptionally stylish compositions in natural, muted tones provide the perfect background for cyclamen. 

They were placed in a hand-made casing. They can be use in interiors of homes.

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Orchid in Stone Pot

£82.00 £68.00

Orchid in Stone Pot – the classical arrangement with orchids. Simplicity and elegance are its characteristics. Shades of white, cream and beige were broken greenery. Excellent quality of the materials used, make the problem unlike her from the real plants – even to the touch.

If you would like to add different pot or small changes, please call or write to us.

Decorative Spring Wreath

£140.00 £99.00

Decorative Spring Wreath. Beautiful spring arrangement. One of a kind. Selected flowers and non-random selection of colors create extraordinary effect. You can hang it on the front door, a wall or used as a table decoration.

Interested in similar products or modification? Call or write to us.

Orange and Pink Peony and Rose in Glass


Orange and Pink Peony and Rose in Glass. The elegant, pastel and subtle composition with peony and rose. At shades of pink, orange, cream and green. Perfect on the table. Fits also placed next to the mirror on the dresser. Designed for those who love the beauty and softness of flowers. Situated in a glass cup creates an unusual flower arrangement.

Geranium in Box


Geranium in Box – a great balcony plant. It is also suitable for terraces, patios and gardens. Her delicate appearance will add charm to the interior. Set minimum of three pots, and enjoy the new look.

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Kalanchoe in Pot


Kalanchoe in Pot. Perfect for Easter. You can put them on the windowsill, on the balcony as well. They look good also on the tables.

In sales there are many attractive kalanchoe varieties with different flower colors from white to various shades of pink, yellow, orange and red.

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Azalea 28 cm


Great looks on the tables. You can put it on the dresser, it is a typically home pot plant. Especially noteworthy are its beautiful flowers.

As a potted Azaleas usually can meet Indian Azalea (lat. Azalea Indica) and Japanese Azalea (Azalea Japonica). There are many varieties of azaleas, which are structurally different flower (flowers may be single or full). The flowers can be white, salmon, pink, purple, red, purple, and may be two-colored. Potted Azaleas are 25-50 cm tall.

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Wanda Orchid


Artificial orchid, is preferably by selling artificial plant. Is the pride of a large family of orchids! We present a classical arrangement of orchids. However, there is something that distinguishes it – the ground in which it was embedded. Unprecedented form of “pot”, which is a ball of moss and wrapped roots. It allows you to run your imagination – how to expose. You can hang Wanda Orchid, put on a pedestal or in a glass bowl.

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