Christmas 2018

Find top quality and natural look products – ideal and flexible alternatives to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house. Don’t forget about Xmas before they came.

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Conifer Bonsai


Conifer Bonsai are wonderful decorative plants. They are impressive-looking especially in hotel lobbies, and restaurants. Beautifully blending the indoors of the Asian-style offices, as well as in modern.



There is no Christmas without a poinsettia plant. We offer you two colors – red and white with various heights. Ideally mapped details of flowers and fruits, makes this product fully recommended. You can put one or create flowerbeds, mixed sizes and colors. Use your imagination.

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Conifers Advent Wreath


Classic and elegance. An Advent Wreath with four candles. An Excellent Quality of materials used. Ideal for home and for restaurants. You can put Conifers Advent Wreath on the table or hang on the ceiling.

Christmas Wreath


A typical festive guinea? Of course not! Our proposal certainly has nothing to do with routine. An outstanding quality of workmanship and attention to detail make it a product worth of recommendations. The two-color cones – of course! on the one hand rotten, such as you would find in the forest undergrowth. There are also plucked straight from the tree, the brown ones. All filled with beautiful delicate branches of conifer.

Poinsettia on the Trunk


What flower we associate with Christmas? – Of course it is Poinsettia. The most popular one is with red flowers. We offer this popular plant but in an unusual cover – on the trunk. You can put it on the floor at the entrance or at the top of the stairs. If you want to accentuate the festive period by special arrangement, certainly, this product is for you.

Pine Wreath

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A beautiful, thick and lush Green Garland – Pine Wreath. Wants to touch it and check whether it is really artificial. It can be used as an door ornament or as a table arrangement.  You can also put on a commode with a candle and the decoration is ready. It can be used for a decor in a rustic style.


Spruce on the Trunk

The classic Christmas tree. Spruce on the Trunk. Tree gives the interior a traditional Christmas atmosphere. Ideally suited for placing the gifts.

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Conifer Ball Tree


One of the most preferred arrangement for Conifer Ball Tree is to arrange several or up to twenty trees in one or two rows. Perfectly to blend in a modern setting. Because of their size – 115 cm height – we suggest decorate them rather large-surface areas.

Christmas Tree on the Trunk

Small glass balls, small ornaments, it is enough to decorate the tree. Christmas Tree Trunk is dedicated to people, who want to create a tort and modern festive mood. 

It is a very popular product and because of this, please contact us to check and confirm availability. If the product is not in stock, we will propose another. Call us 0208 0770891 or use form to drop a line.

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Dandelion on Natural Stem


Do you need modern arrangement in a fashionable color of copper? We can offer you a nice dried dandelion fixing on a metal footer. You can expose one or put Dandelion on Natural Stem in the group. Perfect for modern interiors.

Larch in the Pot


Larch in the pot gives the interior a unique atmosphere. If you do not want to overdo with the Christmas decor, pure larch will match perfectly to your office, hotel or restaurant.

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Artificial Silver Tree


When the period of Christmas is coming, time to think about interior design store, storefront or office. If you want to give the interior a unique festive atmosphere – Artificial Silver Tree will be perfect. Just a little Christmas ornaments adorn them, to enjoy the special Xmas atmosphere.

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