Christmas 2018

Find top quality and natural look products – ideal and flexible alternatives to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house. Don’t forget about Xmas before they came.

Use a left sidebar to narrow down the list of Artificials for Christmas.

  • artificial conifer bonsai in pot artificial plant bonsai tree 02

    Conifer Bonsai

  • Artificial Poinsettia Red White


  • Conifers Artificial Advent Wreath

    Conifers Advent Wreath

  • Artificial Christmas Wreath Arrangement

    Christmas Wreath

  • Poinsettia on the Trunk Artificial

    Poinsettia on the Trunk

  • artificial Pine Wreath

    Pine Wreath

    £28.58 Sale!
  • artificial spruce Christmas tree

    Spruce on the Trunk

  • conifer tree Christmas

    Conifer Ball Tree

  • Christmas tree pot tech

    Christmas Tree on the Trunk

  • Dandelion on Natural Stem

    Dandelion on Natural Stem

  • larch tree

    Larch in the Pot

  • artificial silver tree with no leaves

    Artificial Silver Tree

  • snow tree xmas

    Snow Tree

  • silver grass christmass

    Silver Grass

  • Gold Grass

    Gold Champagne Grass