Palm Tree

Browse our selection of realistic, durable and affordable artificial palm trees.  A tropical expressions of your interior. 

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Kentia Palm Deluxe 225cm

£417.00 £389.00

New for 2017, the Kentia Palm is a simple and effective way of adding some colour and life to your space. This exotic plant is one of the most beautiful and popular indoor palms – it has been gracing hallways, parlours and hotel lobbies since the Victorian era! This elegant fake palm is an extraordinary copy of the original; it features a delicate and detailed leaf structure.


Areca Palm Tree 160 cm


A high and spreading palm. Our Areca Palm Tree special and an intriguing decorative piece. This faux Palm trees will introduce a life-like tropical element in your décor.

Palm Tree 180 cm


A high, spreading a composition consisting of three palm-sized. It is so realistic – you won’t believe you are sitting in your own backyard and not some tropical place.

Palm Tree 120 cm


A popular plant, which will give an exotic character of your interior. This lovely tree is tall enough to make a bold statement yet compact enough. It’s fit inside a not  so small office or apartment space. Ideally suited for outdoor balconies or inserted into the garden.