Artificial Olive Trees – top quality and natural look – ideal and flexible alternatives to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Classic Varied Trunk Olive Tree


The drought-resistant waxy leaves of the olive tree makes it perfectly at home in the warmer climates of the Mediterranean. Let it bring the same warmth and style to your lobby or restaurant by placing them invitingly either side of doors. The varied trunk adds an interesting and tactile quality and the bushy nature of the foliage can be used to create a subtle screen to a seating or dining area.

Available in heights of 120cm and 140cm for creating informal and welcoming environments.

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Classic Long Trunk Olive Tree


The classic long trunk of this olive tree will bring a natural elegance to a foyer, lobby or office. With its shaping evocative of standards in the formal gardens of Italy, you will be able to effortlessly create a serene and luxurious feel to your interior. Add them in pairs to frame a reception desk or elevator or in rows to create a sophisticated walkway leading up your premises official entrance.

The long trunk olive measures an impressive 150cm, 180cm and 210cm in height.

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Artificial Olive Tree in Pot 120 cm


Artificial Olive Tree in Pot. If you would like to create in the interior a coastal climate – this product is right for you. Olive bush, a native of the Mediterranean, ideally play the atmosphere there. Perfect imitation of olive bush, has crooked trunks covered with knots, excrescences and grayish barks. Leathery leaves from the top have a dark green color, and the underside is silvery-green or gray. Ideal for restaurants, patios, gardens or hotels.

Olive Tree 200 cm


Beautiful Olive Tree 200 cm. Highest quality product. Wonderfully suited to the interior of restaurants. Often bought for decoration shopping malls and large stores.

Add a touch of Mediterranean style to your restaurant with our stunning artificial Olive Tree.