Artificial Ficus Trees – top quality and natural look – ideal and flexible alternatives to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Premium Big White-Green Leaves Ficus


The fabulous generous leaves of this big-leaf variegated ficus will have your customers wondering if it’s real or not. This highest-quality artificial tree can be used to break up the lines of seating or desks, add interest to an empty corner or add character and warmth to a waiting area. Can be used on its own but also works well when clustered in groups with thin-leaved ficus varieties.

Available in heights of 180cm and 210cm this tree will make a statement for any interior.

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Thin Leaves Braided Trunk Ficus


This braided trunk ficus will certainly bring an exotic feel to your interiors. A choice of two generous height options and with plenty of glossy leaves in shades of mid to darker green, this high-quality artificial tree will bring class to any setting. Great for reception areas and meeting rooms, this tree is both striking and formal. Works well in combination with a big-leaf variety of ficus.

Available in 210cm and 250cm heights for adding impact to your interiors.

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White-Green Braided Trunk Ficus


Set a relaxed vibe with this variegated white-green leaved ficus. Available in a range of heights, this tree would look equally at home in an outdoor seating area or patio and would bring an informal touch to a customer waiting area. The white-green leaves give a sunny and fresh feel to your interiors making them the perfect addition to any zone where you want to create a calm and stress-free ambience.

Available in heights of 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm and 210cm to give superb flexibility of uses

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Amazing Braided Trunk Ficus


Create a wow-factor to your reception area with this striking ficus. Available in a superb choice of heights, the amazing braided trunk ficus would add character and interest to a lobby, meeting room or office. The dark glossy foliage gives a natural and organic feel to this artificial tree and perfectly complements the trunk. It would look equally well-placed indoors or outdoors and would happily suit either a formal or informal setting.

Available in 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm, 270cm and 300cm.

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Classic Dark Green Ficus Tree


This classic dark green ficus is perfect for adding a secluded ambience to your setting. The rich, glossy green leaves will compliment wooden interiors and plush upholstery. Place in between seating to create private nook for discrete business conversations or at a sophisticated bar area to set the tone for pre-dinner drinks with friends. Use with a white-green variated ficus to create a striking contrast.

Available in heights of 150cm, 180cm and 210cm this attractive ficus will add a refined style to you setting.

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Classic Green-White Ficus Tree


This gorgeous Ficus Tree is enormously popular for both home and office spaces. Adorned with beautiful variegated leaves, it creates a lovely visual statement with bold textures and colours. Available in four different heights, this is the perfect solution for any interior environment, bringing with it a graceful and classical style.

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Ficus Tree Green


This tree, with its bright green leaves, is a bold statement. It has an abundance of character and charm. The leaves are thick and rubbery just like the real thing. In fact, it’s such a good replica of the real thing, that it’s difficult to tell that it is artificial. This tree is available in two different heights and is perfect for bold contemporary interiors and spaces which need an injection of colour.

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Ficus Liana Exotica


Our faux Ficus tree comes in a wide variety of sizes. This abundant tree is covered in luscious deep, dark green leaves which are soft to touch and resemble the natural leaves perfectly. This is a perfect choice for an indoor space, and it will add character to any room it is placed in be it a living room or an office.

If you’re need a truly classy indoor fake plant, look no further.

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Panda Ficus


Panda Ficus. Not only panda bears like ficus tree. A great blend of the modern and traditional interiors. Create an arrangement with 3 or 5 trees and set it in the lobby or office. Also great composes on tables in a restaurant or as a shop window arrangement.

Ficus Tree 120 cm


A beautiful Ficus Tree shaped pattern on bonsai. It has a dense and leaves of various sizes. Ideally fills the space of your office or restaurant. Creates a unique character in the house.

Ficus Tree 140 cm


Ficus Tree which will highlight home and warm character of your interior. To keep the vivid colors just once in a while wipe dust off. The tree is made of high quality materials, so you do not have to worry about fading leaves.

It is recommend for modern interiors, businesses, offices, hotels or restaurants. It will fit almost anywhere.

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