Artificial Trees

Natural trees are expensive, take several years to grow to their full height and require regular care and maintenance. With Artificial Trees you get a natural, mature look straight out of the box and with none of the maintenance. All our trees are manufactured to the highest standards and come in many sizes and styles.

Artificial Trees are ideal for interior decoration: halls, passages and corridors, hotels, offices and restaurants. We offer a wide selection of trees: flowering trees, fruit trees, palm trees, bamboo, bonsai and many others. Transform your home instantly and bring life and a beautiful green accent to any room.

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  • giant bamboo big leafs

    Giant Bamboo Big Leaf

  • bamboo #4

    Bamboo #4

  • alocasia tree #1

    Alocasia Tree

  • schefflera tree #1

    Schefflera Tree

  • schefflera ball

    Schefflera Ball

  • column schefflera

    Column Schefflera Tree

  • lady schefflera tree

    Lady Schefflera Tree

  • banana tree

    Banana Tree

  • bamboo tree #6

    Natural Bamboo #6

  • Artificial Laurel Ball Deluxe 02

    Laurel Ball Deluxe

  • artificial cedar conifer lemon

    Conifer Cedar lemon Tree

  • Laurel Ball 34 cm

    Laurel Ball 34cm

  • conifer cedar green

    Conifer Cedar Tree

  • Laurel double Ball Tree

    Laurel double Ball Tree

  • Laurel Ball Tree DeLuxe

    Laurel Ball Tree DeLuxe