Artificial Succulent Plants – a top quality and natural look – ideal and flexible alternative to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Succulents Mix in Dark Grey Pot 4x


A house always needs some green. If you keep your eye on the latest interior design trends, you will have noticed that these days succulents at the height of popularity. They are simple and have beautiful geometries.

These fake succulent plants provide a variety of shapes – from simple and minimalist to very elaborate and sophisticated. They will fit in with both traditional and modern interiors. Included in the price are these simple but stylish grey pots.


Aloe in Galvanized Pot


An each room has a coffee table, dresser or other piece of beautiful furniture in a corner of the room – these are the places for this beautiful specimen – Aloe in Galvanized Pot. I set the plant on the fridge, which is silver in color. It fits perfectly!

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Succulent in White Pot

£35.00 £29.99

Fashion for succulents is still ongoing. Therefore, we add to our offer incredible Rhipsalis Cassutha. Outstanding quality of workmanship and care for details makes this product worthy of your attention. An exclusive look that makes you put it on a shelf or desk at office and at home, or your terrace.

Succulent in White Pot – interested in different pots? Call or write us now.

Cactus Death Valley

£122.00 £93.61

Cactus Death Valley – amazing plant, deceptively resembling a real. Colors, choice of materials and attention to detail, are unquestionably the product. If you want to create an exotic atmosphere in your interior, this cactus is the perfect choice. Beautifully presented both: in a high, soaring pot and classic oval.

It is delivered in gray plastic pot. The base lined with fine stone.

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Artificial Succulent in White Pot

£35.00 £29.99

Another edition of charming Rhipsalis Cassutha – Artificial Succulent. This time a slightly overhanging version, with more rounded shapes. A highest quality, which perfectly reflects its natural beauty. An unconventional shape of white pot makes it worthy of your attention.

Succulent in Pot


Succulent in Pot. Species from the desert areas. Impressive is the variety of shapes and textures of its leaves. Their minimalist character is introduced to the premises of modern breath, a nice touch, velvety surface, and extremely natural look. Try in your home or office.

Succulents in Stone Pot


Succulents in Stone Pot – a small beautiful cacti, charming pots. I love the rooms decorated with cacti. Thanks to them we feel a lot better, cozier. Set them in your office or in the kitchen. Fell yourself more comfortable.

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Agave in Ceramic Pot


Agave in Ceramic Pot. It looks great on the table. Very popular among restaurateurs, especially serving Mexican food. In addition to restaurant tables, it goes well also in home interiors, for example, on the shelves above the TV.

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Grey Succulent in White Pot


Grey Succulent in White Pot – we love the small pots and miniature plants in them. Especially, small cacti in white pots. It is worth to reserve one shelf to put it on the miniature arrangements.

Succulent Glass Pot 3x


Succulent Glass Pot – small jars and beautiful cacti in them. There is nothing better than standing on the kitchen shelf a few jars of succulent. They come to mind not only the traditional, old English kitchens, but also designed in a contemporary style interior.

Succulent in Grey Pot


Succulent in Grey Pot – create in your apartment or room a nice welcoming atmosphere. Let your loved ones and guests feel more comfortable in it. These beautiful little arrangements help you to achieve your atmosphere aims. Give your interior life colors – green.

Succulent in Mass


Succulents are designed to plant a few in common containers. The resulting garden of them present themselves well – and those offered – do not require care. African Aloes, Crassula and Ragwort, have thickened leaves, which grow in tight rosettes. In turn, the American cacti create massive stems and leaves instead of thorns. Planted next to each other create compositions that delight its beauty.

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