Artificial Ivy Plant has a beautiful and unique look. Ideal and flexible alternative to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Artificial Ivy Plant


Artificial Ivy Plant. A very natural-looking species of ivy. This time in standing, supported by the stand. Due to its different leaf sizes and, many people will want to water them :).

In our offer there are three variations of this product:

1. Philodendoron; 2. Climber with heart-leaves and 3. Efeu in two variations: (a) green and (b) white and green.

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Ivy Wreath


Green Ivy Wreath. This artificial plant is one of the most popular vines, which is used in arrangements. Climber are numerous in many color variations. Wreath is in itself a decoration. It can also be used as a base, add flowers, candle or other additives.

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Long Green Ivy


Long Green Ivy. A high-quality artificial plant. You can override it or separate fragment of the interior. Perfect for creating green walls. It can be a decoration in itself. Place it high above the floor, on a pedestal, hanging in the flowerbed or on the shelf near the ceiling.

White Green Ivy


White Green Ivy – a very decorative vine. Stretched on a wall gives the impression of an abundance of greenery, without taking up a lot of valuable space. Their advantage is an effectiveness, more plant, less space. You can expose them to adorn, not knocking at the users.