Artificial Grass

Using Artificial Grass in plant arrangements adds interesting depth. Grasses area great elements of interior decoration. They look perfect in offices, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. It looks beautiful also at home. We chose only the highest quality grass. Choose your products and ask for an extra discount. Waiting for your message or phone call.

  • autumn grass

    Autumn Grass

  • grass with flowers

    Grass with flowers

  • Artificial grass arrangement 120 cm

    Sweet Flag Grass Arrangement in 3 sizes

  • Artificial bush grass 70 cm green

    Bush Grass Spray 70 cm Green

  • artificial papyrus grass

    Papyrus Grass 110 cm

  • sweet flag calamus grass

    Sweet Flag – Calamus – Grass

  • artificial grass arrangement in cigar pot rectangle

    Grass Arrangement in Cigar Fiber Pot

  • zebra grass

    Zebra Grass 60 cm

  • artificial bundled carex 40 cm

    Bundled Carex Grass 40 cm

  • artificial fern grass in pot

    Fern Grass

  • artificial Bundled Carex Grass

    Bundled Carex Grass

    £25.00£150.00 Sale!
  • artificial Riviera Beach Grass plant

    Riviera Beach Grass

    £52.00£88.69 Sale!
  • grass arrangement Artificial Grass

    Narrow Artificial Grass

    £15.70 Sale!
  • artificial Reed Grass plant in pot high quality

    Reed Grass

    £35.00 Sale!
  • Zebra Grass high quality

    Zebra Grass

    £28.00£97.56 Sale!