Artificial Fern Plant has a beautiful and unique look. Ideal and flexible alternative to real plants. You can find here a list of excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Ferns in Galvanized Pots


Having potted plants in an interior are known help sooth our senses. Some green in our environment is favorable not only to our eyes, but also to our minds, helping us to relax.

You may have noticed that ferns are all the rage these days! They are also ideal potted plants for the home. The shape of their unusual leaves bring something magical and exotic at the same time.

This particular fake fern is very leafy with beautiful dark green leaves. Together with this rustic galvanised pot they make the perfect combination.

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Fern in Pots


Fern in Pots – Selaginella – the one of the most original plants which are found in the family of ferns. It looks like a bit high with moss moist forests or prehistoric miniature ferns. The plants with quite different ilk, part built, and others are vines. They grow in the form of small bushes composed of forking thin, brittle stems. Leaves on the stems are tiny and scaly.

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