Artificial Orchid – a top quality and natural look – ideal and flexible alternative to real plants. You can find here a list of beautiful arrangements. Excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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  • Artificial Orchid phalaenopsis 92 cm in soil-effect pot.

    Orchid Phalaenopsis 92 cmon Faux Soil Block

  • Artificial orchid phalaenopsis 85 cm in faux soil 85 cm

    Orchid Phalaenopsis 85 cm in Soil Block

  • Artificial Orchid Phalaenopsis 55cm in soil block

    Orchid Phalaenopsis 55 cm in Soil Pot

  • White Orchid in a White Pot

    White Orchid with Fern and Moss in a White Pot

  • artificial white orchid in square pot

    White Orchid with Fern in a Steel Stoneware Pot

  • artificial white orchid in stone pot hand made

    Orchid in Stone Pot

    £68.00 Sale!
  • white orchid wanda artificial flower arrangement

    Wanda Orchid

  • White Orchid Arrangement Pot

    Orchid Arrangement Pot 90 cm

  • white orchid arrangement

    Modern Orchid

  • Orchid in Moss

    Artificial Orchid in Moss 90 cm

  • Orchid in Moss

    Orchid in Moss 65 cm

  • Pink Orchid Lotus

    Pink Orchid with Lotus

  • green pink orchid

    Green Pink Orchid in a White Flower Pot

  • Calla Orchid Green Vase

    Calla and Orchid in Green Vase

  • white orchid

    Orchid in Steel