Artificial Orchid – a top quality and natural look – ideal and flexible alternative to real plants. You can find here a list of beautiful arrangements. Excellent proposals for your office, restaurant, hotel or house.

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Orchid in Stone Pot

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Orchid in Stone Pot – the classical arrangement with orchids. Simplicity and elegance are its characteristics. Shades of white, cream and beige were broken greenery. Excellent quality of the materials used, make the problem unlike her from the real plants – even to the touch.

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Wanda Orchid


Artificial orchid, is preferably by selling artificial plant. Is the pride of a large family of orchids! We present a classical arrangement of orchids. However, there is something that distinguishes it – the ground in which it was embedded. Unprecedented form of “pot”, which is a ball of moss and wrapped roots. It allows you to run your imagination – how to expose. You can hang Wanda Orchid, put on a pedestal or in a glass bowl.

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Orchid Arrangement Pot 90 cm


Orchid Arrangement Pot – a perfect addition to any interior – light up and give character. This minimalist (90 cm) arrangement, you can set on a cabinet shelf or on a coffee table. Complementing the orchid flower is the original white flower, resembling a rounded stone as well as add-ons with moss and grass.

Modern Orchid


Modern Orchid Flowers are an important element of interior design, and orchids are used in this area very willingly. A modern cascade arrangement of orchid flowers gives the composition of extraordinary character. White flowers beautifully enhance the dark background and white refines. The sharp edges of the white planter perfectly harmonizes with the “angular style interior”, which is dominated by right angles (90 degrees).

Orchids as a subtle adornment of industrial interiors.

Artificial Orchid in Moss 90 cm


Artificial Orchid in Moss – a spectacular arrangement of orchids, which take our interiors on classical elegance. A synthetic surface, perfectly imitates the natural environment of orchids. This form of arrangement, offers many possibilities for composition – you can place them in a glass bowl, decorated with a natural moss and roots, which we put on the dresser or in a central location on the table. You can also use the high pots in which complements arrangement, this type of arrangement can be put directly on the floor.

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Orchid in Moss 65 cm


Orchid in Moss 65 cm – a versatile, graceful arrangement, in a pot which imitates the natural substrate. Highest quality. You can create compositions in a bowl filled with moss and roots or plate. Ideal for offices, restaurants, and also as a decoration in our house.

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White Orchid with Fern and Moss in a White Pot


High-quality and elegant floral arrangement with orchidThe arrangements are dominated by the white of orchids and the cream of pots. In this somewhat austere environment there is always space for a colorful accent of greenery. If you take a look and touch the phalaenopsis flowers, you won’t know if it’s real or fake.

White Orchid with Fern in a Steel Stoneware Pot


Beautiful, white orchid in a stoneware pot is an ideal alternative to natural flower. Suitable for either modern and classic interiors. Roots, moss and ferns remind the natural orchid’s environment. A very good quality flower and decorations, give this composition a unique look.

Pink Orchid with Lotus


Pink Orchid Lotus – an amazing, grateful arrangement. Light, cheerful but very elegant. Harmonious selected decorations add it a charm. The whole is placed in imitating stone, cream pot. Ideally will be compose to place on the counter, in the window or table. The impressive arrangement with high-quality artificial flowers will refresh your interior.

Green Pink Orchid in a White Flower Pot


A cheerful and joyful composition of a green orchid. Sophisticated in every detail. The entire complement by porcelain, white flower pot, which is finished with a lace effect. This composition, will give a unique character for both: classical and modern interior. Introduce a mood and harmony.

Calla and Orchid in Green Vase


Calla Orchid Green Vase. Calla Lilies and Orchids are the perfect combination of simple and classic shapes. They give them an elegant interior dimension. Beautifully detailed for absolute authenticity, the graceful flowers and elegant slender stems are complemented by grey green aloe. The chic and modernistic effect is enhanced by the distinctive green vase which is narrow enough to fit safely on a bookshelf or windowsill.

Orchid in Steel


Orchid. Simple, elegant lines and shapes, which reflect the natural light enhanced by light colours and smooth surfaces.

The accumulation of decorations is substituted by carefully selected designer decorative elements that do not overwhelm the natural beauty.

The arrangements are dominated by the white of orchids and the grey of metal pots. In this somewhat austere environment there is always space for a colorful accent of greenery.

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