Summer Time – How to Create Flower Arrangements in the Mall?

mall arrangement

In today’s post we are proud to present our most recent arrangement which is currently on display at Millennium Mall in Rzesow, Poland. The theme for this brief was Holidays and Powerful Colours.

We used over 400 flower buds, 8 flower-wreath-balls and a hanging figurine to create this fun and impressive display which occupies the stairwell of the mall, and brings colour and exuberance into the entire space. 

We used spring and summer flowers from our collections to create the stunning flower-wreath-balls, which hang from the ceiling and utilize the vertical spaces in the mall. As shoppers pass by on their way between floors, their eyes are drawn by the beautiful colours and the unique design, and they are sure to feel a summery sensation.. 

mall arrangement

mall flower arrangement

When designing for large spaces such as this, it is important to be bold; to use bright colours and large eye-catching designs, and it is just as important to be aware of the various spaces of the building which can be used. All central locations, such as the staircase, and any patios or terraces for restaurants can be incorporated into the designs.

If you’re thinking of having your space decorated with artificial flowers, you’ve come to the right place!  Get in touch to discuss your project, we’re always happy to advise.

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