How to Arrange the Entrance to the Hotel, Office or Restaurant?

entrance to the hotel restaurant office

The entrance of the office, hotel or restaurant is very important, because it is the place which passers-by, and your potential customers, see first. It is the showpiece of the owner, a representative place, showing the styletaste and quality of the establishment.

Order, harmony and aesthetic consistency of the well-developed entrance is very important. Before the main entrance there should be a place for the path, driveway, and a piece of lawn or a flower bed. If you have a site with a large open area at the front, we will not have any problems as it will be easy to create the opulent effect you desire. However, a building in the city, with an entrance from the sidewalk, can be more of a challenge.

A great solution to this problem is using flowerpots, pots with grasses, flowers and rock gardens or conifers. This place at the front of the building must be dynamic and matched to the time of year or season.

entrance to the hotel restaurant office

Entrance to the Restaurant – metal pot 

There are also many kinds of decorations, which can turn out to be good in this case – lanterns are a great example. The pots and plants will give style. You can choose among classic or more modern models – see our most beautiful types of flowerpots with plants that will not fail to make an impression!

entrance to the hotel, office restaurant

Entrance to the Hotel –  lighting pot

It is enough to plant several grasses of differing sizes in the modern buildings which are minimalist in style, and the effect will be stunning. In the end, you must remember about the lighting which will ensure comfort when entering the building and give a sense of security in the evening. Additionally, properly arranged lamps can illuminate the pots and flowers to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is also possible to find pots that can also be used for lighting.

entrance to the hotel restaurant office

Entrance to the Hotel – plastic pots

The most common and most available plastic pots also do not have to be boring! An interesting, simple shape will play a role as a modern addition that emphasizes the style of the building. Their advantages are their affordable price and that they come in a very wide range of colours. Plastic pots are light and are produced in many shapes – spherical, cubic, and even more sophisticated and decorative ones.

entrance to the hotel

Entrance to the Hotel – plastic pot

entrance to the hotel restaurant office

Entrance to the Office







Stylish, stone flowerpots conquer the market with their timeless elegance. They usually have simple, geometric shapes that match modern and minimalist buildings. They look particularly good when they are close to glass and metal. If you want to warm the style a little, you can combine them with wood. Such pots will work as a standard place for plants outside the building, because they are resistant to harsh weather conditions, mechanical damage and UV rays. It is a modern pot, which never loses its original charm.

hotel restaurant office

Entrance to the Restaurant – stone flowerpots

The inspiration for the type of pot in the picture below was probably a traditional Provencal flowerpot, placed in front of the main entrance to the château. They have preserved their characteristic bulging shape. The Entrance thus gains a monumental character. This type of arrangement of the entrance will look good in houses which have a traditional shape. This type of pot will also look good when it is put directly on the grass. The preferred solution in this case is a base which can be previously prepared – a square sandstone slab that is at the same level or slightly above the ground. This base will give the pot an elegant borderline in relation to the surrounding area.

entrance to the hotel, office, or restaurant

Entrance to the Hotel, Office and Restaurant – wooden pot

Wooden pots with a classic shape will fit in with any surroundings. Many species of plants – coniferssmall treesshrubs, and flowers present beautifully in it. It should be noted that the pot is put together with stainless steel screws. It is also important that the pot is made from a high quality piece of wood, without knots or splinters – the pot will have a compact, smooth surface. In addition, it is important that the wood is protected from adverse weather conditions – preferably by pressure impregnation. Wooden pot must be impregnated at least once a year.

entrance to the hotel, office restaurant

Entrance to the Hotel and Restaurant –  metal pot

Entrance to the Hotel

Entrance to the Hotel -plastic pot







If you’d like any further inspiration on how to decorate the hotel entrance with the plant & pot decoration – contact us. Our passion and years of experience will enable us to create and implement any project. You can also find out more information about our artificial plants and flowers by going to Artificial Plants for Restaurants.

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