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Sofitel Case Study: Solving an unsightly view

Project: Sofitel (5-star, 183 room hotel) Location: Waterloo, London Brief: Replace existing planting but retain the planters Screen unsightly view of the machine room and piping from bedrooms Products used: 5x Bespoke low-level box with mixed planting 3x Bespoke hedge with mixed planting 3x Bespoke green wall sizes 150cm and 180cm At Floresy, we understand the […]

Luxury artificial plants for that wow factor

Luxury artificial plants for that ‘wow’ factor Sometimes plants are the finishing touch little succulents on the desk or in the bathroom. Plants so well placed that you almost don’t notice they are there but the place would look empty without them. But sometimes you want your floral arrangements to have a big. You want […]

Is bamboo sustainable for use in interior design?

The driving force behind any construction material is how cost-effective it is. Sadly this often results in practices that exploit the environment including the people used in the production process. With growing concerns over the impact of humans on our environment, bamboo is potentially one of the success stories. But is bamboo sustainable enough? Why […]


Choosing artificial flowers for restaurant tables

Plants for restaurant tables can be that finishing touch that really completes the customer experience. Whether you prefer foliage over flowers, a considered table display can complete the branding you’ve worked hard to establish. Things to consider when choosing a plant include: Size of the plant. You don’t want the display to interfere with your guests […]


Summer Solstice – Connecting with nature

Throughout human history, we have always recognised the summer solstice. Ancient civilisations the world over have celebrated it as the longest day or shortest shadow of the year. Described as both midsummer and the start of summer it is widely associated with the fertility of the earth and therefore feminine power. In ancient China, the summer […]

Add a new dimension with trailing plants

Trailing plants are a great solution for adding greenery when space is a premium. Most plants can be suspended in hanging baskets or placed on a shelf such as the herbs and succulents featured in Floresy’s collaboration at Aneto Deli. But for a more wild, botanical look, why not try a trailing plant instead? Trailing plants […]