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How a lack of privacy is killing open plan office productivity

Does an office without boundaries create division among workers? An open-plan office should be a collaborative space, right? A place where workers interact and communicate without hindrance by boundaries such as cubical walls and room dividers. But despite this seemingly obvious statement, the opposite is truer. Open plan office productivity from collaboration is a myth. […]

Why do our brains like high ceilings?

High ceilings are a highly desirable architectural feature. But why? And what’s so bad about normal ceiling heights? We like high ceilings because of their association with grand interiors or properties from certain periods, such as houses from the Georgian era. Walking into a hotel lobby with lofty ceilings will add anticipation of just how luxury […]

5 myths about artificial plants – busted!

We bust 5 common myths about artificial plants. Think artificial plants are fake and tacky? Think again… Artificial plants look fake There was a time when fake plants did look fake, it’s true. But that was when they were only found next to a bowl of stale potpourri in the ladies toilets of some shady […]

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Can resimmercial design help businesses recruit staff?

A survey of 2000 UK workers by Mindspace (a co-working and collaborative workspace provider), uncovered some disconcerting opinions among employees. A surprising 16% of 18 to 24-year-olds said that they had left a job because of its poor workplace design. A further 31% of workers felt their current work environment was uninspiring, while 28% stated that […]

ViBe Student Living Case Study: Adding a homely feel

ViBe Student Living is an “…ultra-modern, purpose-built and fully interior-designed” student accommodation in Kingston Upon Thames. Being only a short walk from both Kingston University and St Mary’s University, ViBe offers a flexible and vibrant modern accommodation option for students. It has everything: a gym, communal and social areas, a cinema room and private study areas. ViBe Student […]

A short history of office design: evolution of the workplace

The history of office design reads almost like a history of society. History of office design: the first office buildings Administration is probably the second oldest profession in the world. Every ancient civilisation would have needed it and the administrators, no doubt, needed some sort of office (including the obligatory uncomfortable desk chair). The first purpose-built office […]

Our Top 5 Tall Artificial Plants

The Floresy range of artificial plants and flowers includes an impressive choice of tall artificial plants including trees. Here are the Top 5 tallest-of-the-tall artificial plants from Floresy: 5. Classic Long Trunk Olive Tree 210cm This classic long trunk olive stands at 210cm but is also available in sizes 150cm and 180cm. It’s the smart/casual […]

What is Interior Landscaping?

Interior landscaping is an expression in use by many interior designers who work exclusively with indoor planting schemes to describe what they do. You’ve probably heard of landscaping – the physical process of reshaping the land. Hard landscaping refers to structures such as walls, pergolas, patios and even follies. Soft landscaping is the term for the planting […]

Is bamboo fabric really eco-friendly?

The manufacturers and retailers of bamboo clothing and textiles are singing its praises. They say this wonderfully soft fibre is so eco-friendly, you’re saving the planet just by wearing it. Too good to be true? Probably. Following our recent blog post on the sustainability of bamboo as a wood alternative, we are looking at bamboo fabric […]