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What is fibre clay?

What is fibre clay? Fibre clay is a generic term that describes a material that combines fibre, resin and minerals.  The resulting product is commonly used to create fibre clay garden pots and containers. Fibre clay goes by many names including Fibreclay, clay fibre, fibre stone, Fibrecotta and sand fibre. Some names are registered trademarks […]


Why is Wellness Tourism Growing so Fast?

Wellness tourism has a global worth of $639 billion. In 2017, there were over 830 million wellness trips representing 17% of all global tourism. Plus the average wellness traveller spends more per trip than the average tourist. Spending by wellness tourists is 53% more when travelling internationally and 178% more for domestic travel. What’s more, […]

Indoor Plant Trends 2019

The houseplant interiors trend is going from strength to strength and won’t be stopping anytime soon. So, what are the indoor plant trends 2019? Bigger, more mature indoor plants Houseplants will become statement pieces in our interiors. Just as we invest in furniture so will also we invest in our greenery. Big, floor standing plants […]


Artificial Christmas product showcase

Christmas 2018 is nearly upon us, again, despite it only being a year since the last one. Let’s look at the artificial Christmas trees and plants that Floresy has to offer: Poinsettia The Poinsettia is a popular Christmas ‘flower’ prized for its deep green leaves and bright red bracts. The bracts aren’t true flowers but […]

Japanese Forest Bathing is a thing

It isn’t surprising that forest bathing – spending time in a forest or other green space – is good for you. Forest bathing or Shinrin yoku is becoming very popular in some countries. Countries such as Japan, in particular, take this practice very seriously. But more than just hokem or new-age hippy-ness, there is growing scientific […]


The dark side of houseplants

At Floresy, we love to promote all the benefits of having plants in your interiors, whether that’s residential or commercial, for relaxing or for working. And we love to talk about how plants make us feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. But, behind their glossy-leaved exteriors, lurks the dark side of houseplants… Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) The peace lily […]


How a lack of privacy is killing open plan office productivity

Does an office without boundaries create division among workers? An open-plan office should be a collaborative space, right? A place where workers interact and communicate without hindrance by boundaries such as cubical walls and room dividers. But despite this seemingly obvious statement, the opposite is truer. Open plan office productivity from collaboration is a myth. […]

Why do our brains like high ceilings?

High ceilings are a highly desirable architectural feature. But why? And what’s so bad about normal ceiling heights? We like high ceilings because of their association with grand interiors or properties from certain periods, such as houses from the Georgian era. Walking into a hotel lobby with lofty ceilings will add anticipation of just how luxury […]

5 myths about artificial plants – busted!

We bust 5 common myths about artificial plants. Think artificial plants are fake and tacky? Think again… Artificial plants look fake There was a time when fake plants did look fake, it’s true. But that was when they were only found next to a bowl of stale potpourri in the ladies toilets of some shady […]