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Great Plant Ideas With a French Flair

The French are known for their dramatic interior spaces, using clever furniture designs, sumptuous fabrics and colours. French designers know that the perfect ambience in restaurants, office spaces and homes can be achieved using versatile ideas. These features include beautiful faux plants that are lifelike and lush, but easy to maintain. Canny design features are […]

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Nordic Design Ideas

The distinctive interior style known as ‘Nordic Design’ has been around since the 1950s, flourishing in the five Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  This style embraces three keywords: Nordic design is currently proving extremely popular in private homes, restaurants and in the corporate environment because it is a look that is […]

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Floral Design Ideas for Corporate Events

First impressions matter when it comes to Corporate events; delegates could be in attendance from a day to several days, even longer. Some of the latest reports value the event industry at a staggering £39.1bn with 50% of companies allocating over 20% of their spending on marketing to organising events – therefore, the look is […]