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6 Ways to create an eco-friendly restaurant

In the last few years, eco-friendly restaurant designs have become game-changers in the commercial interior industry. More consumers are opting for restaurants that offer healthy food and a sustainable, eco-friendly atmosphere. Restaurant designers are having to meet new generation standards for more environmental friendly restaurants. So let us discuss what exactly we mean when we say […]


Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

In recent times, bamboo has become a design favourite for flooring. Wooden flooring has been a popular option for residential and commercial spaces, but the cost factor can be a concern. This is where bamboo flooring can make a real impact in terms of cost, as well as aesthetics and functionality.  It is said that […]

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Sustainable Interior Design

As the world is progressing towards globalisation, sustainability and environmental issues have become a significant concern. This is especially true in the interior design industry.  We often hear the term ‘sustainable interior design’. So what is it?  What is Sustainable Interior Design? Sustainable interior design takes into account, environmental concerns and issues when designing a […]

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Great Plant Ideas With a French Flair

The French are known for their dramatic interior spaces, using clever furniture designs, sumptuous fabrics and colours. French designers know that the perfect ambience in restaurants, office spaces and homes can be achieved using versatile ideas. These features include beautiful faux plants that are lifelike and lush, but easy to maintain. Canny design features are […]

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Nordic Design Ideas

The distinctive interior style known as ‘Nordic Design’ has been around since the 1950s, flourishing in the five Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  This style embraces three keywords: Nordic design is currently proving extremely popular in private homes, restaurants and in the corporate environment because it is a look that is […]