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Nordic Design Ideas

The distinctive interior style known as ‘Nordic Design’ has been around since the 1950s, flourishing in the five Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  This style embraces three keywords: Nordic design is currently proving extremely popular in private homes, restaurants and in the corporate environment because it is a look that is […]

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Floral Design Ideas for Corporate Events

First impressions matter when it comes to Corporate events; delegates could be in attendance from a day to several days, even longer. Some of the latest reports value the event industry at a staggering £39.1bn with 50% of companies allocating over 20% of their spending on marketing to organising events – therefore, the look is […]


Sustainability in Building

As we fight to improve our impact on the planet, environmental issues have never been more important. All industries are taking a long hard look at their business models and how they can make improvements in order to lessen their carbon footprint.  The building and construction industry is no exception. What is a Sustainable Building? […]