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How to Arrange the Entrance to the Hotel, Office or Restaurant?

The entrance of the office, hotel or restaurant is very important, because it is the place which passers-by, and your potential customers, see first. It is the showpiece of the owner, a representative place, showing the style, taste and quality of the establishment. Order, harmony and aesthetic consistency of the well-developed entrance is very important. Before the main entrance there should be […]

Summer Time – How to Create Flower Arrangements in the Mall?

In today’s post we are proud to present our most recent arrangement which is currently on display at Millennium Mall in Rzesow, Poland. The theme for this brief was Holidays and Powerful Colours. We used over 400 flower buds, 8 flower-wreath-balls and a hanging figurine to create this fun and impressive display which occupies the […]

Bamboo Tree – Inspiration

Today we turn our focus to Bamboo! Natural Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. If you’ll believe it, some species have been known to grow up to 90cm in a 24 hour period – that’s 4cm an hour! There are also numerous folktales from around the world in which either […]

Cyclamen… in Rustic Style

Home is the place where we spend most of our time, where we create our own intimate corner of the world to relax in and enjoy ourselves. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the interior of our home. You must design and adorn your home with love, and then it will become […]

Interior Floral Design

Plants have an important role to play, they should create a unique atmosphere and character of every space. The trend escaped to the interior, giving a spectacular arrangements by decorative, high pots filled with flowers, shrubs and grasses. The plants inside the house are its supplement – nourish and give a prestigious look. Interior Floral […]

Exterior Flower Design

Noticeable trend in innovative projects is the motive combination of architecture with plants and greenery. A clean design without land development became unattractive. A garden without trees, shrubs? A swimming pool without impressive flower pots with plants? Or balcony with only table and chairs? – They will not give the expected effect. Design by Rayavat […]