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Customised and Individual Solutions

Here at Floresy we offer unrivalled bespoke services. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, our craftsmanship, and the flexibility we offer our clients in order to make customised and individual solutions.

We are extremely proud of our made-to- order tree service. We create hand-crafted trees to your specification. Trees truly transform a space. Whether you want a classic Oak, an Acer or a Baobab, nothing is beyond our scope. The process of creating artificial trees is extremely precise and produces very special and unique results. Specially molded and with textures extruded from real trees, it is almost impossible to differentiate our faux trees from the real thing without touching them.

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Protected Against UV

All our fake trees are all guaranteed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, the trees are durable and fully protected against UV rays ensuring the colours do not fade. The leaves and foliage of our faux trees are vibrant and colourful all year round. Once our trees are in place they are completely maintenance free; there’s no need for pruning, leaf sweeping or other gardening duties. Moreover, their healthy appearance is guaranteed at all times and in all environments.

Artificial trees are a popular option for both indoors and outdoors. They are especially useful where soil conditions are poor, or where there is not enough light for a live tree to thrive. With our trees there is never any need to worry about their survival or deterioration.

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Because our trees are hand-built from scratch, we are able to customise the details to match your design criteria. Perhaps you want a tree of a specific height to perfectly fill a room, or branches to spread low and wide in order to create a canopy under which to entertain, or maybe you need tall narrow trees to create a wall of green giants through which light and air pass easily. Our design team is always happy to advice on design elements and tree choices. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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You may be interested in those faux tress in our offer as well:

Guzmania Tree 155 cm


Due to its size Guzmania Tree should be placed rather in the larger rooms. Particularly noteworthy are the beautiful flowers and leaves. Are you looking for a tropical themes for the restaurant or hotel? With this particular plant, you will have no problems with that.

Guzmania occurs in nature from Central America to South America in tropical jungles – growing there as epiphyte or a terrestrial plant. It belongs to the family Bromeliaceae.

Guzmania creates a funnel-shaped rosette of leaves. Their height, depending on the species, can reach up to 80 cm. Guzmania leaves have smooth edge, depending on the species have different shades. Flowers appear at the top of the stem.

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Maple Fall Tree


One of my favorite artificial tree. It perfectly blends with interiors in colors of bronze, copper and yellow. Fill the inside of autumn charm.

Alocasia Calidora 100 cm


The Alocasia Calidora is affectionately named ‘elephant ears’ due to their large ribbed leaves. Our artificial Alocasia Calidora is of the highest quality and is in all respects a very stylish tree! The large leaves are a perfect imitation of the real Alocasia, which naturally grows in tropical areas. This plant is truly bold and will be a real statement piece in your home or office.

We recommend this plant for spas, swimming pools and hotels. It is also possible to place it in a high-planter to create more height and drama. Impress your guests and clients with this plant which is full of character and is truly unique.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Floresy can help with any questions you have, we will even give design tips if you need them. Give us a call during regular business hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

Green Schefflera 150 cm


Green Schefflera is very popular and charming plant. They have the form of evergreen shrubs or trees with very glossy leaves in the shape of a hand. 

This is a unique and perfect imitation of living plants. Brighten the interior and there, where local live plants don’t have access to the light needed for their growth. The fact that the plant is not true it’s really difficult to recognize.

Office Bamboo Tree


Office Bamboo Tree – a beautiful Bamboo Tree with the natural bamboo stalks. It creates a dense tree, over the entire length covered with leaves. Often used in creating interior design offices, restaurants and hotels. Very popular in product.
The pots you see on the pictures are technical.
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Guzmania Tree with Red Flowers


One of our most beautiful trees. Guzmania Tree makes a very good appearance. Suitable for interiors designed in a tropical style.

In nature:

Flowers are arranged in a star-shaped bouquet and can be colored bright orange or red. They retain their color for a long time. The flowers are inconspicuous and die quickly. The plant does not smell. Guzmania leaves are dark green, with smooth edges. They have a length of about 45 cm and a width of 5 cm. Some varieties have leaves stained.

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Bonsai Tree


The bonsai tree is made precisely with high-quality materials. The attention to detail makes it an interesting and original decorative element at the same time looks very realistic.

Ficus Liana Exotica


Our faux Ficus tree comes in a wide variety of sizes. This abundant tree is covered in luscious deep, dark green leaves which are soft to touch and resemble the natural leaves perfectly. This is a perfect choice for an indoor space, and it will add character to any room it is placed in be it a living room or an office.

If you’re need a truly classy indoor fake plant, look no further.

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