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We are, the company which provides high-quality floral services and products. In our shop you will find: artificial plants, flowers, grasses, trees and more. We are also happy to share our inspirations with you on our blog. We are based in London, UK but we support clients around the World.

Here you can order & pay for artificials online or ask for design services.

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Most Popular Artificial Plants & Flowers

You can find our most popular products artificial flower arrangements here, don’t wait for the last chance to order!

Tillandsia Arrangement on the Trunk


This is one of my favorite artificial plants – Tillandsia Arrangement, is just beautiful! You can put it in the winter garden or lobby. You can use it as a decoration in the restaurant. Thanks to its size and beautiful workmanship, give the interior a unique character. It can also be a component of a larger arrangement.

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Artificial Ivy Plant

£39.00 £29.55

Artificial Ivy Plant. A very natural-looking species of ivy. This time in standing, supported by the stand. Due to its different leaf sizes and, many people will want to water them :).

In our offer there are three variations of this product:

1. Philodendoron; 2. Climber with heart-leaves and 3. Efeu in two variations: (a) green and (b) white and green.

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Reed Grass

£40.00 £31.43

Reed Grass. Beautiful plant with broad leaves. A very natural coloration, wonderful showing. From the ground, you will notice an imitation of dry husk of which overlook shoots of grass. The ends interspersed by the sun and disheveled by the wind, perfectly reflect its character. Ideal for both: indoors and outdoors as well. The product worthy of special attention.

 Supplied in white plastic pot.

Riviera Beach Grass


Do you want to create a holiday atmosphere? Nothing could be more simple! This grass will really help you work out. A beautiful workmanship and attention to details are the advantages of this product. White fluff (like dandelions) only to ask you to stand next to and try to blow them.

Riviera Beach Grass can be placed both: indoors and outdoors.

Shipping in a plastic pot.

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Why work with us?

In addition to our beautiful finished products, we offer bespoke design services to suit your style and needs. Send us photos of your interiors and we will create the most interesting solutions for a tailor-made design especially for you. With our designs and products, your home, office, hotel, or restaurant will take on a new, beautiful expression. The interiors will be enriched with artificial plants to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. 

The one of our hottest products – Air Bonsai

air bonsai how to use it

London Areas | UK Nationwide | Europe | Worldwide

EuropeWhile we are based in London, we provide our services to clients all over the world. For example we are currently supporting clients and partners to build up exhibition stands in Frankfurt, London, Milan, etc.

We work wherever you need us or our artificials!

Artificial trees to your office, anywhere you are

You can find our most popular tress here

Dracaena Reflexa Jamaica 150 cm


Commonly called Song of Jamaica, the Dracaena Reflexa is a tropical tree with a unique bush-like appearance. It is visually striking and stands in a class of its own.

This artificial Dracaena Reflexa tree has abundant leaves with strong, light-catching shapes with good silhouettes and surfaces for lighting. Due to its size, it is suitable for larger interiors. We recommend it to be placed in SPAs, swimming pools, and sauna lobbies to create a relaxed and tropical feel.

Manufactured to the highest standards, this tree is sure to please.

If you have any questions about your order, or would like design advice, our friendly staff can assist you. Give us a call or send a message with any enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gingko on Crazy Tree 145 cm


If you’re looking for an artificial tree that will stand the test of time, why not try a Ginkgo tree? With rich green, beautifully shaped leaves, the Gingko is always a lovely choice.

In the wild, the Gingko has an excellent track record. They’re one of the few species on earth that has survived from the Jurassic period for an amazing 270 million years! And, when you buy one of our top-notch artificial Gingko trees, they will last for many years in your home or office too. 

These trees are unimposing and delicate and will add sophistication to any interior space. They are popular throughout the world and are sure to be a hit with your clients and guests.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Floresy can help with any questions you have, we will even give design tips if you need them. Give us a call during regular business hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Containers, pots, planters for plants and flowers

You can find our most popular pots here: Pots, Planters & Containers

Fiber Square Short Pot


Fiber Square Short Pot – an ideal cube pot that fits to most interiors and balconies. Fiber Flower Pots are designed for the simplest of shapes. Not overwhelming in size. Surely it will fit in a small and large interiors and exteriors, where beautifully expose the plant.

They suit for smaller trees or bushes, as well as the original balcony box. Wen you buy few pieces, you can create an original flowerbed on the terrace, patio or garden. If will be necessary, you can move pot cubes by changing arrangements.

Products in this series are characterized by attention to detail. It’s an investment in the prestige of the place where they will be exposed.

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Fiber Bowl Pot


An exclusive container in the shape of a bowl. No additional decorations. Its unique form makes it an ornament in itself. The potted plant has an extended edge on the rim which enhances the visual effect. The composition of the pot with the glittering plant adds exclusivity and elevates the prestige of the place in which they are exposed. Made in fashionable colors.

The product is made of very durable and elegant material – fiberglass. It is resistant to various mechanical and atmospheric factors.

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Fiber Bowl Pot