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We are Floresy.online, the company which provides high-quality floral services and products. You can find on our shop: artificial plants, flowers, grasses, trees and more. We are happy to show you inspirations on our blog as well. The company is based in London, UK but we support Clients around the World. 

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Artificial Plants, Especially Trees & Grasses

A wide range of products for hotels,restaurants and offices.

Alocasia Leaves


Alocasia Leaves. The minimalist interior, modern and elegant. Ideally suited to modern and industrial interior. It can be a decoration on the restaurant table or pub. Highly recommended by restaurant managers.

Succulents Box


Beautiful little pots, and in them charming green plants – Succulents Box. They are very decorative elements of many different kinds of interiors. The most I like to put on the shelf, hung on the wall. You can also decorate tables in restaurants, wide window sills. Use your wonderful imagination 🙂

The set includes six pieces.

Calamus Bundled Grass


Calamus Bundled Grass – widely known as calamus, flag root, muskrat root, sweet calomel and sweet flag. Beautiful sword-shaped leaves bundled as a self standing arrangement. Artificial grasses are a perfect match for natural vegetation to create a harmonized whole

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Kalanchoe in Pot


Kalanchoe in Pot. Perfect for Easter. You can put them on the windowsill, on the balcony as well. They look good also on the tables.

In sales there are many attractive kalanchoe varieties with different flower colors from white to various shades of pink, yellow, orange and red.

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Why Work With Us?

In addition to the finished products, we offer its clients the ability to create various types of arrangements, based on products from our store. Send us your photos of the interior or invite us. With great pleasure, we will create the most interesting solutions and create a tailor-made offer. With our arrangements, your home, apartment, office, hotel, or restaurant will take on a new, beautiful expression. The interiors enriched with artificial plants are cozy and warm. Feel better in them – you deserve it.

Most Popular Artificial Plants & Flowers

You can find our most popular products here, don’t wait for the last chance to order!

Calla and Orchid in Green Vase


Calla Orchid Green Vase. Calla Lilies and Orchids are the perfect combination of simple and classic shapes. They give them an elegant interior dimension. Beautifully detailed for absolute authenticity, the graceful flowers and elegant slender stems are complemented by grey green aloe. The chic and modernistic effect is enhanced by the distinctive green vase which is narrow enough to fit safely on a bookshelf or windowsill.

White Orchid with Fern in a Steel Stoneware Pot


Beautiful, white orchid in a stoneware pot is an ideal alternative to natural flower. Suitable for either modern and classic interiors. Roots, moss and ferns remind the natural orchid’s environment. A very good quality flower and decorations, give this composition a unique look.

Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass


One of the most popular products in our collection. The beautiful plant is enclosed in a decorative glass jar. Tillandsia Arrangement in Glass should be in a central location in the room or in a specially prepared place. You can also place it on a decorative column.

Papyrus Grass 110 cm


Papyrus Grass 110 cm. Modern interior offices, residents are places which will suit to this beautiful artificial plant.

This is the one of the most popular potted plants with narrow leaves is cibora, commonly called papyrus. This genus consists of over 600 species.

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