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We are Floresy.online, the company which provides high-quality floral services and products. You can find on our shop: artificial plants, flowers, grasses, trees and more. We are happy to show you inspirations on our blog as well. The company is based in London, UK but we support Clients around the World. 

You can order & pay for artificials online or ask for design services.

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Most Popular Artificial Plants & Flowers

You can find our most popular products here, don’t wait for the last chance to order!

Modern Eclectic – Amaryllis


Amaryllis. This is where modernity is mixed with the past to form a harmonious duo.

Dark, massive planters, which in combination with classic amaryllises create an unusual composition that matches both the traditional and modern interiors.

Our attention is drawn by refined details and high-quality flowers.

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Ficus Tree 120 cm


A beautiful Ficus Tree shaped pattern on bonsai. It has a dense and leaves of various sizes. Ideally fills the space of your office or restaurant. Creates a unique character in the house.

Spruce on the Trunk

The classic Christmas tree. Spruce on the Trunk. Tree gives the interior a traditional Christmas atmosphere. Ideally suited for placing the gifts.

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Kalanchoe in Pot


Kalanchoe in Pot. Perfect for Easter. You can put them on the windowsill, on the balcony as well. They look good also on the tables.

In sales there are many attractive kalanchoe varieties with different flower colors from white to various shades of pink, yellow, orange and red.

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Why work with us?

In addition to the finished products, we offer its clients the ability to create various types of arrangements, based on products from our store. Send us your photos of the interior or invite us. With great pleasure, we will create the most interesting solutions and create a tailor-made offer. With our arrangements, your home, apartment, office, hotel, or restaurant will take on a new, beautiful expression. The interiors enriched with artificial plants are cozy and warm. Feel better in them – you deserve it.

Christmas Trees & Grasses

The Christmas 2016 are coming, so let’s get prepared!

Spruce on the Trunk

The classic Christmas tree. Spruce on the Trunk. Tree gives the interior a traditional Christmas atmosphere. Ideally suited for placing the gifts.

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Christmas Tree on the Trunk

Small glass balls, small ornaments, it is enough to decorate the tree. Christmas Tree Trunk is dedicated to people, who want to create a tort and modern festive mood. 

It is a very popular product and because of this, please contact us to check and confirm availability. If the product is not in stock, we will propose another. Call us 0208 0770891 or use form to drop a line.

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Conifer Ball Tree


One of the most preferred arrangement for Conifer Ball Tree is to arrange several or up to twenty trees in one or two rows. Perfectly to blend in a modern setting. Because of their size – 115 cm height – we suggest decorate them rather large-surface areas.

Gold Champagne Grass


Additives made of copper, as well as its color, give the interior elegance, nobility and tenderness. This popular in recent times color has already become the trend, because many of the most fashionable interior design uses the power of copper. Copper as a supplement – most impressive, when it appears in the form of a single point in the interior. Ideally suits the interiors of modern, ascetic, economical, industrial as well as those: Scandinavian-style, rustic and nature. In addition, it can be used in styling the interior of another era design, arranged in fusion or retro style.

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We are providing our services where our Clients need us. For example we are supporting our Clients and Partners to build up exhibition stands in Frankfurt, London, Milan, etc; we are on place where stage designers need our services in Istanbul or Paris …

Anywhere you needs us or our artificials!

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